Pretty Little Thing Petite Forest Green Bandeau Popper Detail Jumpsuit

Christmas is here and there are so many parties to attend at this time of year. I really wanted to find something that went with the festive colours for a Christmas party I was invited to.

I’ve seen soo many girls wear this popper style and really like itgiphy. I was happy to see this jumpsuit in the petite section on PLT because I knew I probably wouldn’t need to alter it.

Even though I had in mind it wouldn’t need altering around the waist, I wasn’t sure how the length was going to fit because the model was 5ft 4 which is still a lot taller than me.

Because of the length, I decided to order this in a size 6, it actually fitted really comfortably until I wanted to bend down to pick something up. Every time I would reach for something or bend down, the top half would fall down!! (ughh sooo annoying). I think I should have ordered this is a size 8, I can never tell what size to order when the material is made out of Polyester as this material is quite stretchy.
As you can see in my pics below, the length fits really well (in heels lol) but when I had tried it on with pumps it was dragging on the floor, only slightly though.

Of course fashion babes it’s totally up to you how you want to style this outfit but I think if you style it with the poppers open you can wear a nice strappy heel (like I have done) or boot heels so you can show them off. If you close the poppers I think it would look really nice with pumps and a bomber jacket for the casual look.

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