Miss Pap Megan Mckenna Plum Loungewear Set Review

Megan Mckenna Plum Loungewear Set

I really love girl tracksuits, if you haven’t noticed already that’s mainly all I buy lol. I think it’s because they are so easy as you don’t really have to think about it matching anything, you just throw it on and there’s ya outfit lol.

when I saw this on Miss Pap I thought it was right up my street. I’ve never ordered anything from them before so I wasn’t sure what size to get. When I ordered a similar one from Pretty Little Thing >here< I had ordered it in a size 6 so it made sense to get this in a 6 to right?? I was wrong lol.

Now I know I mention a lot that I really wish brands would always make it so you can purchase co-ords separately. This picture is the perfect example as to why I say this “we are all shaped differently” at the top and bottom but they sell it as we are shaped like number 4?.cropped-different-body-types111.jpg


The bottoms came up small, which made the material stretch so much it went see-through looool. But the length of the jogger fitted really well for us shorties, I didn’t have to adjust them at all.

I liked how the jumper fitted in this size, even though on the model it looks like a crop top but when I tried it on it didn’t fit cropped at all. you can see the difference in the two pictures. This is fine because I feel it still looks nice not cropped. Maybe she has ordered it in a smaller size or pinned it at the back or maybe I just have a really short torso lol who knows loool.

I would rate this set a 4/5 as it’s not one of my faves but for the price, it is a great purchase. Also, I’ve seen women style these in two different ways either with like a boot heel or trainers like I have.

This has now gone down to just £20 so if you would like to shop this look please click >here<




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