Pretty Little Thing Black Crop Top & Emerald Green Stripe Wide Leg Trousers

Feels like I haven’t blogged in ages, sorry guys I’ve been soo busy!! But I’m back and I have come back with this cute outfit.

IMG_4977_Facetune_21-01-2018-17-39-09Firstly I’m going to focus on the trousers because I love giphythem soooo much. When I got them out of the bag I knew they were going to be too long for me. I thought the length would fit better with a high pair of heels on (like most trousers I wear do hahah). when I put the heels on the length did look a bit better but they were still dragging on the floor, so I would only make holes in them (sigh)

The annoying thing about these kind of trousers for us shorties is that they are very hard to take in because of the shape at the bottom and of course they are too wide to tuck them under, so I had to send them back 😦

Apart from having to be at least 5ft 4 to wear these, I would definitely rate them a 5/5 for the taller petite woman because they were not too big around the waist at all as you could pull them in with the drawstring. (I hate when designers make a trouser with a drawstring but the string doesn’t actually adjust the trouser lol have you ever had a pair like that before?)

You can style them in many ways. Casually I would have styled these with a black crop top, black pumps and maybe a black leather jacket. For a date night or a bar night out with the girls, I would have worn them with the top in the pictures and black heels (not that you can even see the heel lol)

The black cropped halter neck is also from pretty little thing and I have used a hair band to tie it up. This is the kind of top you buy in every colour (lol) because they match soo many outfits. Like I said I have tied it up with a hairband to make it a mini crop as the trousers were high waisted, but wearing it down is just as nice.

If any of you out there know where I can find another pair of trousers like these please comment below, I would love to try them on for the length to let you short girls know where to purchase them from.

Top size: 6 / Price: £6

Trousers size: 6 / Price: on sale for £15

To shop this look click >here<for the trousers and >here< for the top


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