Pretty Little Thing Jumper Review

Red V Neck Off Shoulder Knitted Cropped Jumper

I absolutely love this jumper, I think its one of the best jumpers I own. Another thing I like about this jumper is that it comes in so many colours, I  actually want to purchase them all because every colour just looks so dope!! (In fact, im going to buy another one right now haha)

Usually when an item only comes in small medium or large I always think the small will still come up too big because they have generalised what small is, but this one fits perfect.

Even though this Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 19.03.14item isn’t a pair of trousers, I nearly didn’t order it because it said the model’s height is 5ft 9. Sometimes I order jumpers that have been shown on tall models and it looks fine on them but when I try it on it looks like I’m swimming in it lol, so once again its a trip to the post office to send it back.

Even in this picture of the model I thought I bet the sleeve don’t drop like that in real life. (Have you ever had that before when you expect it to look like what you have seen and it’s completely different?) But again I was wrong it did naturally sit like that, I didn’t have to style it to look like that at all.

Please click >here< if you would like to shop this look

Price £12 / Size S



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