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Green Camo Mesh Longsleeve Thong Bodysuit 

I’m not sure if you saw my post about reviewing some items for PLT (EXCITEMENT). Amongst other reasons, I had mentioned that I wanted to review this thong bodysuit because I wanted to see if the line would show in the trousers I wore.

I own a few bodysuits and I love them because when I tuck a normal top in my trousers it always rises, looks baggy and is annoying when I keep having to tucking it back in. So bodysuits give it that natural tight tucked in look if you know what I mean lol. Some bodysuits have been a bit too long for my body so again it looks kinda saggy on me 😦 The main reason I wanted to review this one from PLT was 1: does it look saggy 2: because its a thong is it gonna be right up my A** as it has to stretch to fit the rest of my body and 3: as this is a thong bodysuit (which I believe to be a new fashion trend) does it show any lines.

Well let me start by answering question 1: As you can see in the pictures, it’s not sagging at all. It has the perfect tucked in look and I can move around freely without it rising at all.

2: Now, I’m not gonna lie it does give you a bit of a wedgy feeling lol but I guess pain is beauty!! it’s not that bad I just wouldn’t wear it on its own without underwear lol. I mean would you anyway??? That seems crazy hahha!!

3: I didn’t see any lines 🙂

I tried this on with jeans which I didn’t think would show any lines and I also tried this on with tracksuit type bottoms and still no lines!! Perfect 👌🏾

YIPPYYY I can finally have the tight tucked in look without showing any lines or rumpled areas.

I bought this in a size 6 for £15 and I feel it fits perfectly although it’s one of them tops that I feel if you were to buy a size up it would also fit well.

Even though I have styled this with a bralette, I don’t see why you can’t style this with like a vest top or a crop top. You could maybe even try it with a black long sleeve top but you may get rid of its main feature which is the pattern.

I would defiantly rate this bodysuit a 9/10 not sure why I haven’t given it a 10. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Click >here< to achieve this look.

I will also write a review on the clip up joggers in the picture below!! 🤗 stay tuned fashion heads!!


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My first Ever PLT Collaboration​

As you may have noticed PLT are probably the brand that I write/post about the most. I would say this is because they really know how to keep up with the trend and their items are always a good price. So when PLT had offered to send me some items to review there was no way I was going to miss this chance!! I guess I can say this is my first official collaboration and you guys have been with me from the very start 🙂

They had asked me to choose four items and I will explain why I had chosen the below.


  1. Green Camo Mesh Longsleeve Thong Bodysuit I had chosen this item because I wanted to see if a bodysuit that was a thong would reduce the lines when wearing trousers.
  2. Black Chainmail Dress  This stunning dress is one size, so I wanted to see how a dress made for one size only, would fit a small/petite woman like myself.
  3. Light Pink Multi Thick Stripe Curve Hem Crop TopLight Pink Multi Thick Stripe Wide Leg Trousers I wanted to see the trouser length on this cute co-ord set and to see if there was an easy way to alter them if need be.
  4. Darsee Cream Side Split Slinky Trousers I wanted to see if the slit on this trouser was going to be too high for my short self and also check out the length.

Please look out for my reviews on these items coming soon……


Flares and Top Haul Review

Red Basic Jersey Flared Trousers & Newlook Logo T-Sirt

I’m sure these flares are the exact same ones I have in black but they come up a lottttt shorter almost to my ankles which is really surprising 🤔

There’s not much I can really say about this outfit it’s so simple and classy!!! I don’t really like pink and red together but somehow this goes really well. As I don’t have too much to tell ya!! I thought I would do a quick clip strutting my small self lol

One thing I would say is I would definitely wear this outfit on a date night.

If you would like to shop this look click >here< for the flares  ( I couldn’t find this exact top so I found something similar) click >here< for the top

PLT flares description: In ultra-soft and comfortable jersey fabric, these simple but sleek flared trousers are essential for your wardrobe. Dress up with a pair of platforms for a 70s inspired look or down with some crisp white trainers to keep it cool and minimal.

Top – Kids aged 12/ £6.00

Flares size 6 / £12.00

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High Waisted​ Jeggings & Cropped Bardot Jumper Review

I flipping love this outfit, it fits perfectly!!!

Let me start with the jeggings – Simi Black High Waisted Jeggings

PLT trouser Description: Featuring curve-hugging, thick spandex fabric and a bang on trend high waisted design, these figure-enhancing jeggings work a simmeringly sexy look. Just add a crop top for a contemporary, casual vibe.

Honestly, I’ve never had a pair of trousers that fit so perfectly!!! I don’t think the material description matches what they look like in real life because they say the fabric is spandex jegging material. When I think of spandex I think of someone in some really tight fabric at the gym ready to work out lol, they look more like stretchy trouser material. They have like elastic around the waist that stretches out to your size so there’s no need for alteration.🤗🤗

spandex gif

Also, I like the length because they don’t look like your ordinary leggings, they’ve given these a nice three quarter length style with a turned up hem and back pockets.

Moving on to the top – Black Lurex Stripe Ruffle Bardot Knit Jumper

PLT description: Featuring a black ribbed knit material with contrasting silver lurex stripes, a bardot neckline and ruffled hems, this crop top is sure to elevate any look. Team it with some high waisted jeans and lace-up boots.

I had bought a pair of black and white boots so wanted a black & white crop to go with it. When I ordered this I thought it was going to be black and white, I didn’t bother reading the description because it looks black and white right? Its actually black and silver!! 🧐 It still went well with the boots but I was slightly pissed because it wasn’t the colours I wanted 😢

Question….Have you ever received an item of clothing and before you put it on it just looks itchy lol you look at it and think yup! this is going to irritate my skin 😩😩 Well that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this top, I think it’s because it has glitter on it. But it was fine no irritation. The only annoying thing about this top is that when you bend down it does fall a little so you have to keep adjusting it but I guess that’s kinda what you expect with a Bardot.

I would say there is one Caution⚠️ the top shrinks.😩 I’m not sure if the temperature was too high when I washed this but it went in the machine as a crop and came out a mini crop loool. But fear not you could still rock this with high waisted jeans or high waisted skirt!!

The material depends on the size I order, as both items are quite stretchy material I ordered these in a size 6. I would say order your actual size or a size down depending on how you want them to fit. They even have this top with as a cute dress, I will add the link to it below.

I would rate the trousers a 10/10 because I can’t fault them and the top a 9/10 only because it shrunk lol.

Top price £12

leggings price £20

To shop this look click >here< for the top and >here< for the leggings

click >here< for the dress

OO yes and let me not forget these >boots



KD Black n White