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KD Reviews Sudio Headphones

Hey guys, stepping away from fashion, a company named Sudio had asked me to review their headphones, so if you were looking for a new stylish pair of headphones look no further… I hope you enjoy!

I have compared Sudio with some similar wireless headphones from well-known brands below and actually, in my opinion, I would still choose Sudio. The first thing that stood out to me was that they are way more stylish and modern. Depending on what you are looking for of course I really prefer the range of styles they have. However, I do like how Sony have added the speaker and charger the ear part so you don’t get that bulky look (watch video to see what I mean). The Samsung earphones have a slightly longer play life and are a lot cheaper, but again I’m really not feeling the style of them.

I haven’t actually listened to the other two so I cant compare the most important part, which is the sound lol. Play the video below to hear more about what I thought of Sudio…

Sudio Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 14.36.04

  • Price £59
  • Battery life /Play/Standby – 9 hours / 10 days
  • Quick charge – 10 minutes, fully charge 120 minutes
  • Size-10m
  • Weight – 14g
  • Other features – Model: In-ear, Bluetooth 4, leather case, additional earbud sizes included for suitable individual fit & Finish: High polished metal parts

One thing I did notice is that the website has different specifications than the packaging. On the packaging, it says 8 hours battery life and 12 meters range, which could be very confusing for the customer as they think they are buying one thing but receive another. I will contact them and to tell them this.

Samsung Level U Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 14.06.19

  • Price – £29.99 (on Amazon)
  • Battery life /Talk/Play/Standby – 11 hours / 10 hours / 500 hours
  • Quick charge – Doesn’t say
  • Size – 12m
  • Weight – 113 g
  • Other features – Magnetic ear buds

Sony MDR-XB50BS Sports Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 14.14.03

  • Price – £69.99
  • Battery life /Talk/Play/Standby – 8.5 hours
  • Quick charge -Doesn’t say
  • Size – Doesn’t say
  • Weight – 259g
  • Other features – Magnetic ear buds, additional earbud sizes included for suitable individual fit


KD Reviews WingShack Co Review


I really enjoyed my time at WingShack Co. Not only do they sell great quality food for a good price, their music and hospitality is perfect!!!!

Watch full review below

press play 2

Wingshack Co mission statement:

WingShack Co was founded in 2017 by 3 friends, all with a love for great quality food. The vision and mission statement is clear, To serve the tastiest chicken wings in the coolest environment. A year later the first egg hatched and 2018 saw the launch of WingShack Co’s first restaurant in Loughton, Essex.



Nasty Gal Event Review

Nasty Gal logo

This was Nasty Gal’s first pop up shop in the UK, they have launched only two stores before one West Hollywood and one in Santa Monica, so when I got on the list for this I was soo excited. The online brand had set up the shop for just under four weeks at 3 Carnaby Street. The shop was fitted with their After Party Vintage collection, which launched earlier this year.

My Experience

I always get a bit nervous when I attend events, but this time I was super nervous because I was on my own! My blogger besties @iamboujinlondon couldn’t make it.

Whenever I go to events no matter what event it is and I know for a fact I sent my name to the list I always think my names not going to be there hahaha (do you ever get that feeling?)

I walked up to the door and as I was about to say hi, but then a big beauty blogger (@charmiejanee) had arrived and all eyes were on here so no one had even noticed I was waiting lool (little old me). After waiting 20 mins (ok I am exaggerating lol it was about) 2 mins, I finally spoke to the lady that had the guest list. No lie the list was about 20 pages long. I had told her my name and she couldn’t find it lol. I started to get real nervous, I don’t want to be that girl that everyone is looking at doing the walk of shame loool.  She went over the list, again and again, she said who “did you send your name to” I said “****”. Finally, she could see my name and apologised (bless her it must be so stressful on the door with hundreds of names). I walked in and surprisingly (sarcastic) there were glasses of prosecco upon arrival (I Swear every event offers prosecco, they must get sponsored by them lool).

There was so much going on under one roof, they had really cute branded items like cups and cupcakes. They had a changing room area where you could try on the item and then order it on their iPad (such a good idea). They had an area where you could play an arcade game for free. They also had a photo area and a social media wall, which I definitely took advantage off (for networking). Despite all that, they even had a free bar downstairs with a DJ. I would have to say this was one of the best launches I have ever been to, Nasty Gal really went all out on this one!!

As time went on and the alcohol started kicking in, I got a bit braver and started networking and had met some really nice people. Believe it or not, I was speaking with the beauty blogger I had mentioned earlier because we were both on our own.

Take a look at some of the photos and video I took below:

press play 2

@this_is_kd / @charmiejanee


Converse x Patta x Deviation launches Thursday 21 December

I really liked the venue and location they had chosen for this event it really suited the street brand vibe. It was under a railway station in like some dark warehouse that looked like it needed a lick of paint lol (you know what I mean right!!)


When I arrived I felt like I  had been in a time machine and got off in the 90’s, everyone was dressed so cool and retro, like rolled up jeans, bomber jackets, disco pants and retro tracksuits. I literally felt like I was in the film House Party but in a warehouse haha

I really wish they had the items they were launching on show, I really wanted to get some close-ups for you guys as their range looks really good on the website. I’m guessing they didn’t want the items to get damaged.

This small unique collection is compromised of just 7 pieces it features a tee, hoodie, chinos and trench coat, as well as three footwear styles, click >here< to check out their items.


con tagscon 2

con 3

Small inside clip on the event, Press Play!!!

I Saw It First Press Event!

This event was at the Everyman cinema, now if you haven’t been to an Everyman cinema it is so worth the visit. The chairs are super comfortable and you can order food and drinks to your seat.

When my friend and I walked in we were greeted by some really nice PR girls. They offered us some Prosecco and pizza (that’s a win-win for me lol)

We were called into the screen room, when I walked in I couldn’t believe how much effort they had made to make it look soo nice. Each chair had, popcorn, a bottle of Prosecco, sweets and a gift bag.

Once we had chosen our seat, there was a PR girl walking around asking to take pics for the I Saw It First Instagram (yayy I got a feature on their gram)

They had chosen a Christmas classic film called Elf (I Loveee this film tooo funny).

Throughout the film, I started to feel a little tipsy ahaha well more than tipsy because I had basically drunk a whole bottle to myself lol. When the film had finished the PR girls had said we can go back into the Lounge for some more drinks, at this point I wasn’t sure if I could handle it hahah but I thought why not.

This event was so well put together, I Saw It First had made sure that all bloggers and social influencers felt welcome and comfortable and it was all about just having a nice time and getting into the Christmas spirit which was defiantly the mood I was in. OO and thank you so much for the goodie bag, check the video below to see what’s in it!!

Click the link >here< to shop the top I’m wearing

Feel free to Press Play giphy to look at some of the videos!!